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Attention all potential group leaders, family reunion planners, church group organizers, wedding organizers, meeting planners, sales incentive planners - whatever the occasion, whatever the group size there is a cruise itinerary with your group's name on it!

Do you want to make your event or reunion a huge and affordable success? Just add water! That is, just add a cruise from Cruisepilot. Call or contact us today and take advantage of the extra value, convenience and cost-savings a group booking provides.

Small groups are our specialty! Small could be anywhere from 8 twin share cabins, yes just 8 up to and over 100's cabins dependent upon your event! Take advantage of your group's size to boost the extra values and savings available for group bookings.

Why consider or organize a group cruise?

Believe it or not, cruise events are more cost effective than events on land. The increasing popularity of cruising also makes cruise liners a highly desirable venue. At Cruise pilot we plan and promote cruise events for individuals and corporations and partner with group leaders, event planners, meeting organizers and wedding planners to execute their event and all related group travel needs. Here's why cruises are ideal for groups:

Desirable Venue - cruises are very popular!

85% of Australians would like to take a cruise but far less than 10% of the Australian population has taken a cruise. That means you'll be offering something highly desirable that most people haven't experienced. Cruises also have one of the highest repeat rates so past cruisers could be some of your best advocates for your cruise!

Exclusive Group Amenities

Along with the all the great cruise line included features for all cruisers there is also some special built- in exclusive amenities for groups. Keep in mind these vary of course by cruise line, size of group, destination and availability and may include:

Group discounted rates

Free or highly discounted cabins for group leaders/organizers

On board/Ship board credits for groups dependent upon cruise line and type of group

On board exclusive events for the group from cocktail receptions to shipboard activities organized in concert with cruise-line and cruise director (dependent upon cruise line and type of group).

When itineraries permit shore activities and excursions organized exclusively for the group.

All inclusive Price

With nearly all the components included in the price - accommodations, meals, entertainment, first-class facilities and amenities - cruises are cost effective with a high perceived value. Compared to either land-based venues or basic individual and group cruises, Cruisepilot Groups offers more in a cruise Program.

Very Cost Effective - access Cruise Pilot's buying power!

In addition, we negotiate the best available rates on inclusive cruise packages using high-quality worldwide cruise inventory. Because we have access to such exclusive rates, our prices are often less than standard cruise bookings or land-based venues, even when including customized enhancements, such as private cocktail receptions and themed events to your customized cruise program.

Networking Opportunities for Businesses

For our business and corporate partners a cruise ship gives you a self-contained environment and a captive audience, which provides more networking opportunities than a land-based venue. You can go from a meeting in the ship's state-of-the-art meeting facilities to dinner with clients or employees. Such onboard dining and entertainment means free time is more often used for business networking. Compare this to a land-based venue where customers or employees are more likely to dine and entertain on their own.

Endless Destinations

With itineraries calling at nearly 2,000 destinations around the world, cruise pilot has over 10,000 departures from which to choose your ideal itinerary and departure. From sunny islands, historic cities, to remote frontiers and all seven continents there is an awe-inspiring a cruise waiting just for your group! Cruises also allow you to visit multiple destinations without ever having to unpack & repack your suitcase more e than once.

Activities Onboard and Ashore

Activities vary per ship but can accommodate most any demographic. We will work with you to determine the best ship for your group considering available activities as well as destination and other factors.

Last But Not Least

The shear thrill, joy and cohesiveness that a group cruise inspires will make that cruise event, reunion, wedding incentive or conference one that will never be forgotten... All you need to do is... just add water! Contact us today to learn how we can help you plan your next event or group cruise.